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Our Mission Statement:

Deliver anesthesiology and pain medicine services with comfort and compassion - providing each patient with best care.

Our Practice Values:

Excellence In Medical Care ...

Promote patient safety and provide the highest quality anesthesiology care encompassing all areas of services– anesthesia for diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures, pain management and perioperative care – in a highly professional and compassionate manner.  Deliver care that exceeds expectations of the patients and others we serve. Develop methods to promote and ensure excellence in anesthesiology care.

Professionalism ...

Be innovative leaders in the specialty of Anesthesiology. Promote personal professional development and provide compelling opportunities while respecting balance in professional and personal commitments. Demonstrate compassion, integrity, and respect for patients and co-workers. Remain responsive to patient needs and accountable to our patients, co-workers and profession.

Organizational Unity and Improvement ...

Communication, teamwork, organizational learning and performance improvement. Promotion of dialogue within the practice, with achieving organizational goals and objectives as a priority. Evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and new ideas to enhance and secure the ability of the practice to serve the future needs of patients and facilities and to secure the future of the practice. Alignment and unification of all staff in the pursuit of organizational Mission and Goals.

Fiscal Responsibility …

Manage fiscal and administrative affairs of the practice with integrity and in a manner that positions the practice to maintain commitments to other practice values. Provide a desirable environment of practice and attractive professional practice opportunities. Continuously explore opportunities to enhance and secure the stability of the practice.


Major corporate philosophy and business decisions will be made by Physician Owners and implemented by the Board of Directors, who work for and on behalf of the practice.


"A Team of Professionals"   

The goal of Western Anesthesiology, Inc. is to administer the best quality anesthetic care.  Shortly after the opening of the new facility of Mercy Hospitals in St. Louis, Western Anesthesiology, Inc. was formed to administer anesthesia at the facility. 

The professional group, consisting of MDs, CRNAs, AAs, RNs and other health professionals, practices the team concept when providing anesthesia care and related services to patients at Mercy Hospitals.  Our anesthesiologists and anesthetists provide anesthetic care in 35 operating rooms at this location. Group members are considered part of a team, and a culture of professionalism and shared mission is why many of our professionals become career-long employees.

Annually, an estimated 40,000 patients are treated in surgical services including:

  • Acute, post-operative and chronic pain management

  • General, pediatric

  • Gynecology

  • Heart transplants

  • MRI

  • Neurosurgery

  • Obstetrics

  • Orthopedics

  • Pediatric and adult cardiovascular

  • Pediatric diagnostic procedures

  • Plastic surgery

  • Radiology

  • Trauma

  • Urology

All of our physicians obtain board certification in anesthesiology.  Members
 of the group have served in official capacities for the Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists.  In addition, members have served a variety of important
posts in the American Medical Association, Missouri Medical Association, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

We sincerely hope you will consider
becoming a member of our professional team.

Contact recruiting@waai.net for more information.



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St. Louis, MO 63011 

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